The SWISSFILM ASSOCIATION is Switzerland’s leading organisation of independent Filmmakers that professionally produce films and videos for television, broadcasters or a private clientel. The organization represents the interests of its members towards its clients, authorities, administrations, the media and a multitude of partner organizations in the field of film productions. it furthermore ensures, that its members produce at a state-of-the-art technical levels and that their programmes represent the highest standards of professionalism and quality in the field. Rudolf Isler was a Member of the Board from 2003 until 2006.Click logo to connect to website

Founded in 1966, the INTERNATIONAL QUORUM of Motion Picture Producers (IQ) is the only global organization dedicated to film production company owners. It is a purposely small, closely-knit organization of quality producers currently representing 52 countries on six continents and covering all areas of film production. Its purposes and benefits are twofold:

  • to provide members with a dependable global network of good friends in the business and reliable partners that will share ideas and information and above all provide practical production support of a known quality to other members as requested when shooting in their country.
  • its annual weekly conferences express the core IQ membership experience. Providing business, marketing and creative exchanges in a non-competitive environment the conferences are a time to meet other members , to candidly discuss our industry interests and goals and to exchange valuable information and feedback on concepts and productions

Membership is by invitation only and high professional standards must be met before a company is admitted into membership. PLAYGROUND is proud to represent Switzerland in this unique organization since the year 2000.Click logo to connect to website