Working together with PLAYGROUND is a creative and rewarding experience. They quickly understood our needs and expectations. The result was a program that impressed our clients and employees alike.
Peter A. Gehler – Chief Communications Officer – Siegfried Holding Ltd.

I can only highly recommend PLAYGROUND.
Dr. Monika Jänicke – Chief Executive Officer – Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG

I have gotten to know PLAYGROUND as a most reliable, creative and professional partner. Above anything I respect their flexibility, competency and ability to deliver a program on time and within the budget.
Dr. Andreas Jäggi – former Chief Communications Officer – Credit Suisse Financial Services

PLAYGROUND has quickly understood our communication needs and expectations. Then they put it on screen professionally, creatively and within the budget and limited timeframe. The result was astounding.
Roger E. Schärer – former Advisor to the President – Ammann Group

PLAYGROUND – Simply a great team to work with!
Ruedi Christen – Head of Marketing & Communication – Swissmem

If only the construction of our new building would have gone equally smoothly and within the budget and timeframe as has the co-operation with PLAYGROUND!
Dr. Ernst Hefti – General Manager – ProLitteris

Very well done! *leans back lighting a cigar smiling contently*
Remy Fabrikant – CEO – JWT/FABRIKANT Advertising Agency

PLAYGROUND interpreted our ideas perfectly and exceeded all our expectations. The promotional film highlighting our region was produced with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. The exceptional cooperation we experienced with PLAYGROUND is just one of the many reasons why we would have no hesitation in choosing this company for future projects. They are client-orientated and highly competent.
Regina Waldis – Managing Director – Lucerne Tourism

You’ll get more on screen than you get on the paper. And you’ll already get plenty on their paper!
Corinne Zimmermann – Film & Video Project Coordinator – Switzerland Tourism

PLAYGROUND perfectly understood our expectations and were able to match them by creating short, unconventional movies. The result is absolutely great. Thanks for facing the challenge despite the constraints!
Anne Thorens – Manager Communication & Events – MAZDA (Suisse) SA

The cooperation with PLAYGROUND was always highly satisfactory and constructive. It seems that they have an eye and ear open to what the client’s needs are. I was impressed by the engagement and enthusiasm with which they handled our project. 
Ursula Leonhard – Head of Corporate Communication – Forbo International

They understand a clients aspiration – They are always up – They are creative – They continuously are searching for new ideas – I love their “let’s try it” attitude – Two cool dudes!
Fritz Gottschalk – CEO – Gottschalk+Ash International

When working with PLAYGROUND I am always anxious to see their creative approach. I am always amazed to see how swiftly they identified with the project’s theme. In depth research and meticulous state-of-the-art producing have always been to our satisfaction and often surpassed our expectations.
Elsbeth Müller – General Manager – Swiss Commitee for UNICEF

Working with PLAYGROUND was very efficient and professional. The result was impressive and met our high expectations.
Patrick Duriaux – HR Director – Emerson Process Management Europe

PLAYGROUND is working very professionally and completely focused on the specific task. Our interest as a client was always rewarded with flexibility, creativity and the highest possible quality standards.
Dr. Michael Lonsert – former Managing Director – Merck Sharp & Dohme-Chibret (Switzerland) Ltd.

I would never have thought that making a company video can be of such a great benefit. PLAYGROUND produced our film under immense time pressure and the result is astonishing and convincing. An investment well worth the money.
Martin C. Bohner – Chief Executive Officer – Tecnofil Ltd.

PLAYGROUND – an experienced and enthusiastic team which understands one’s ideas right away and delivers also under extreme time pressure excellent results. They are professional, flexible and reliable – it was a pleasure to work with them.
Sarah Antenore
– Consultant – Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Konsulenten AG

Creative – professional – reliable. PLAYGROUND firstly and foremostly cares about satisfying customer needs and expectations and not about their own convictions.
Uorspeter Engler – Head Communications – Rheinmetall Defence

PLAYGROUND stepped in on short notice and did perfect work.
Charles Watenphul – Head Communications – GlencoreXstrata

PLAYGROUND can be recommendend without any reservations.
Marc Linke – Head of Trade Marketing – ALCON